Friday, December 16, 2011

Warmer Weather Restricts Cataloochee Slopes

Cataloochee Ski Area: Due to overnight weather conditions,  skiing will be limited to from midstation down on 6 slopes with two aerial lifts and one conveyor lift operating on a base of 12”-40” and a machine made surface. There will be three sessions of skiing, day skiing from 9 AM - 4:30 PM, twilight skiing from 1 PM - 10 PM and night skiing from 6 PM -  10 PM, with an afternoon half day rate also available.

is now on the regular operating schedule of day, twilight and night skiing on Tuesday through Saturday evenings and twilight and night ski each day during the holidays through December 31 with the exception of Christmas Eve, with closing at 4:30 PM and Christmas Day hours from 1 PM - 10 PM.  until 10pm.  Holiday rates begin Saturday, December 17 and continue each day through Sunday, January 1.

Tube World reopens for its regular season on Saturday, December 17 at 10 AM.  

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