Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hawksnest builds the largest zipline course on the east coast.

Hawksnest is in the process of building the largest zipline course on the east coast with 13 cables. These 13 cables add up to 2 miles of cable riding. The course takes you through the trees, over the trees, over creeks and surrounded by some of the best views in the High Country. Zipline riding is an exciting and safe experience for the entire family. By adding the zipline course to Hawksnest, they are able to offer year round family entertainment. The zipline course will be complete by June and will operate year round, weather permitting.


  1. What is the weight limit

  2. For details about Zipline go to: http://www.hawksnest-resort.com/zipline.htm or call them at 828-963-6561 or 800-822-4295 -info@Hawksnesttubing.com